Who we are

Our website address is: https://andiamotravelapp.com/
Our web app address is: https://andiamoplaces.com/


We do not share any of your data.
We only store data that you explicitly ask us to store, e.g. images and travel guides/journals.


If you upload images, they will be stored on our server, and they are only available for you to add to your travel guides and journals.
You can choose to keep those travel guides and journals private or share them with others.

Email and Password

If you register, we store your email and password
(encrypted), so that we can authenticate you when you log in.
We also use the email when you request a password reset e.g. forgot
password. You can optionally give us you first and last name, which we
store, but do not share.

Delete Account

You can delete your account at any time. All of your data will be
permanently deleted

Marketing and Sales

We do not collect or share data for marketing or advertisement.
In order to keep the app free and ad-free, users can, but are not obligated to, purchase travel related products e.g. airline tickets, rental cars, etc. from our sponsors for which we get a commission To make a purchase users need to navigate to a dedicated page. There is no obligation to buy anything. When you click on a sponsor link, you will be directed to their web site and the URL includes our ID, so that the sponsor knows where the link came from. No user ID is used.

Data Leaving the Device

All data that leaves the device is encrypted e.g. email address and


Reviews that you leave on travel guides can be seen by anyone that is registered.


Your location is not shared. You can ask the app to show you where you are on the map.

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