Frequently Asked Questions

The Andiamo Places FAQ will give you instant answers to all frequently aksed questions regarding our free travel app and ai travel guides.

Is Andiamo Places really free? – Yes

Does the app include ads? – No, there are no ads. There is a dedicated page for purchasing tickets, but you have to specifically go to that page. There are no plans to add ads, but that could change if we see that this voluntary approach is not working.  Since the app is flexible, a content creator could add ads, but that is a violation of the rules and subject to loosing the account.

How does Andiamo Places make money? – Andiamo places gets a commission from tickets purchased from the links in the Tickets page

Why should I buy tickets through Andiamo Places? – It keeps the app free and ad free.

Are we obligated to purchase travel tickets – No

Do you have a mobile app? – Yes, Andiamo Places is available for iOS, Android and web browsers

Where do we report bugs? – Send an email to

Is your question not in our FAQ?Feel free to contact us for more details.

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