Create Free Travel Guides and Travel Journals

The Andiamo Places app, allows you to easily create and share interactive travel content (e.g. travel guides, travel journals, travel diaries and photo journals) for free. Learn here all about the highlights of our free travel app.

About our Highlights

  • Create and share travel guides, travel journals, travel diaries and photo journals.
  • Choose from the hundreds of existing guides provided by Andiamo Places and the community e.g., Rome, Paris, etc.
  • Create a personalized guide in minutes by using artificial intelligence to do the research for you.
  • Upload your travel photos to auto-create a travel journal with photos, itinerary and map.
  • Import KML files from location tracking apps and display the path you traveled on the map.
  • Create interactive content (text, images, video, audio, maps and links) using HTML.
  • Display content in: Map, Places, Schedules and HTML.
  • Add locations (markers), paths (lines) and areas (polygons) on map
  • Organize Places by: Categories, Groups, Favorites, Visited, Must see, and Rating
  • Filter by: Places, Groups, Categories, Schedule, Days, Favorites, Visited, Must See, Distance etc.
  • Sort by: Name, Category, Group, Rating, Distance and Date
  • Track your location, get directions (walking, driving and cycling) from Google maps, and get weather info
  • Add places found from Google or Wikipedia search
  • Link to Foursquare, Yelp and Happy Cow apps based on the location in the app.
  • Get answers to common travel related questions using Artificial Intelligence
  • Use the built-in calendar to create one or more schedules
  • Email or Whatsapp links of your guide that are view-able on browsers
  • Save your itinerary to a PDF file
  • The app is free and add-free. There is a screen that users can optionally navigate to for purchasing travel related items from our sponsors (e.g. tickets, hotels, car rental etc.). This is voluntary, and helps keep Andiamo Places available for free.


  • Save time on travel research by starting with an existing guide, or by using artificial intelligence.
  • Organize and optimize your trip by customizing an existing travel guide based on your dates and preferences.
  • Create a travel journal by updating the guide during your trip or by loading your photos afterwards.
  • Share your travel experiences (guides and travel journals) to friends and/or the community.


  • Guides from 7 continents
  • Guides from dozens of countries
  • Guides from hundreds of destinations
Guest Content User

As a guest content user, you can view guides and travel journals for free, but you cannot create, copy, save or rate guides. Anyone can be a guest content user; there is no registration or login required, and you are not obligated to buy anything or forced to view ads.

Logged In Content User

As a logged in content user, in addition to viewing guides and journals, you can also create, copy, save or rate guides.

Content Owner

A content owner, is anyone that creates a guide or a journal from scratch or copies an existing guide. They can then modify and share the content. The content owner is about owning and managing the content.

In Italian, "Andiamo" means "Let's go", so the app name translates to "Let's Go Places!

We also refer to "Andiamo Places" as the "Andiamo Travel App" because one of the best suited applications is for creating travel guides and travel journals, however, Andiamo Places can also be used for creating any "document" where places, maps and/or schedules are an essential part of the information.   

Our Credits

Many travel itineraries come from Bing Maps.

Many images and content come from Wikipedia.

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